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Do Build Your Startup Outside Silicon Valley

In 2013, Harvard Business Review proclaimed, “Don’t Build Your Startup Outside Silicon Valley”. Read the tech press today and you’ll get the feeling this is still considered the gospel truth.

Don’t believe everything you read.

Here’s a list of successful companies that dared to create a web-tech business outside of The Valley. And these are just the companies I can reel off the top of my head.

FreeAgent, Edinburgh.
Spotify, Stockholm.
Shopify, Toronto.
Xero, Wellington.
Fastmail, Melbourne.
Basecamp, Chicago.
Amazon, Seattle.
Deezer, Paris.
Trello, New York.
Skype, Stockholm.
TransferWise, London.
Skyscanner, Edinburgh.
Atlassian, Sydney.
Soundcloud, Berlin.
Booking.com, Netherlands.
Mojang, Stockholm.
Songkick, London.
Shazam, London.

Do build your startup outside Silicon Valley.